Maker’s Mark

Client Maker's Mark

Market New York City
Los Angeles

Duration 12 Weeks

Walls 22

Creative Agency Fluent360
Doe Anderson

Media Agency Publicis

Creative Agency Colossal Media

One epic national splash with a two-pronged approach—that’s what Maker’s Mark set out to do with their hyper-local campaign that spanned five cities, 22 walls, and included both custom artwork and classic campaign messaging.

Celebrating craft and culture, Brooklyn-based artist Bianca Romero created original designs that we painted on 10 NYC walls from Bushwick to Soho. The vibrant, collage-style murals told a visual story about the city, while our narrative-driven short and long-form videos gave background on Bianca, the campaign, and Maker’s Mark’s vision.

The artist, Bianca Romero, in Brooklyn, New York City

My favorite part about working on this project was paying homage to New York City and bringing to life what makes New York so special.

  Bianca Romero, Mixed Media Artist

Brooklyn, New York City


Brooklyn, New York City

Brooklyn, New York City

Brooklyn, New York City

Manhattan, New York City

The hyper-local strategy included walls embedded with neighborhood-specific copy in NYC’s most vibrant outdoor dining districts to maximize campaign exposure with the target audience. In Portland, Seattle, and Los Angeles, Maker’s kept the campaign nostalgic with their iconic Character isn’t Made by Machine messaging with local twists in LA and Chicago.

Los Angeles, California


Seattle, Washington

Chicago, Illinois

Portland, Oregon