Client Jaybird

Market New York City

Walls 1

Points of interest 5

Mobile usage in the US increased 40% in the wake of COVID-19. With people spending more time outside and mobile consumption at an all-time high, digital extensions became seamless complements to OOH campaigns. Jaybird used mobile retargeting to amplify awareness for their athletic-minded campaign, which ran during the peak stay-at-home period with outstanding results. 


First, they selected a wall that targeted Jaybird’s urban athlete—the location was strategically positioned along Kent Avenue, overlooking the Brooklyn Greenway bike and running path and Domino Park.


Next, we identified key runner hotspots and meeting areas (Super Runners, Brooklyn Running Co Bergen, Brooklyn Running Co Grand, Brooklyn Greenway Coverage, McCarren Park Track) to layer on mobile geofencing. Anyone who walked past the mural, entered one of these geofences, and fit the defined consumer profile was served a mobile ad sometime later that day. The campaign performed incredibly well, resulting in 10,963 link clicks and .65% click through rate – a performance 366% higher than the industry vertical average.