Bottega Veneta

Bottega Veneta


Consecutive years 4

Campaigns 5

Some pairings are classic: strawberries and champagne, dinner and a movie, high fashion and hand paint. The first element enhances the second, and vice versa.


It is true though that like all luxury industries, ours is a labor of love. That’s why the artistic quality and craft of hand paint pairs so well with high fashion brands like Bottega Veneta. They just get it. 


Through the years, Bottega Veneta has invited Colossal painters to execute some of our most stunning and visually-arresting campaigns to date. What began in SoHo with a 2019 mural resulted in consecutive campaigns — one more in Manhattan, and three in Brooklyn. The fashion house ventured over the East River with their Summer 2021 pop-up shop in Williamsburg, and quickly realized that Brooklyn dressed up in Bottega is not a bad look. Not bad at all.