Walls 7

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We’re firm believers that big business doesn’t require massive waste. So when Colossal’s hand paint met Aspiration’s zero carbon footprint financial solution, we got on like metal straws and oat milk lattes.


Aspiration is the leading carbon-neutral competitor in the financial sector, applying ethics of sustainability to a traditional industry. To build a campaign that would be low impact on the environment and high impact on their audience, they turned to Colossal. Always living and breathing their commitment to climate change reversal, Aspiration coated each wallscape in LumActiv, a treatment that actively purifies the surrounding air of pollutants.


The campaign ran across seven walls in SoHo and Williamsburg, with the iconic tagline “Clean is the new filthy rich” taking New York by storm. Mobile geofencing around their ad spaces provided an opportunity to retarget on mobile and strengthen brand affinity. In the end, Aspiration earned over eight million out of home impressions and nearly a million on mobile.

Minimal waste, Maximum impact