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Over the course of the 2020 holiday season, when so many families and friends made the difficult decision to stay apart, Uber chose to celebrate human connection at a grand scale. Towering paintings of three incredible drivers – Angela, Kristin, and Antwyan – honored the “everyday giants” and acts of kindness that make our world a brighter, more community-minded place. Beside the portraits, we painted Uber rider commentary that touched the heart. One mural read, “Thank you, Kristin, ‘for being the kindest stranger while we were in the hospital.’” Another said, “Thank you, Antwyan, ‘for picking me up when I was down.’”


As the Colossal team set to work painting their portraits, the everyday heroes were informed that they were being celebrated in this way. The drivers made in person visits to see their “Thank you” notes, and to experience the gratitude felt from their communities. 


The result was an incredibly moving campaign, compelling onlookers to appreciate the kindness and generous spirit of humanity through the stories of these individuals.

Meet the Everyday Giants


Driving in Los Angeles


Driving in Chicago


Driving in San Francisco

MoMA PS1 mural hand-painted by Colossal Media.