Isabel Marant

Isabel Marant


Consecutive years 3

Campaigns 6

Take a stroll with us down memory lane with our dear friends at Isabel Marant. The year: 2019; the setting: autumn in Manhattan.


Having pushed the boundaries of OOH across Europe (in Paris, Madrid, Rome, London, Amsterdam, and Bruxelles), Isabel Marant approached Colossal for their first ever painted mural in New York. Pairing their bold creative with a stunning SoHo historic unit was an instant love connection.


In the three years after that first mural, five more campaigns followed in quick succession. Each composition we painted celebrated a new Isabel Marant launch. We were involved in announcing milestone moments for the brand, like the introduction of their eyewear and sneaker lines.


The brand repeatedly returns to a particular SoHo unit for its proximity to their Manhattan storefront and high impact placement. Extending the experience online through social media immortalized the artwork and provided a window into their beautiful world of creation.

Isabel Marant, Social Superstar

Isabel Marant doesn’t miss a social opportunity with their artful walls, posting Colossal compositions across all platforms and over many years. Unique and signature to the Isabel Marant videos, sounds of the city lend immediate context and energy. That style of editing with ambient noise in lieu of music became yet another trend defined by the fashion brand. Their most recent campaign received 4.7 million views on TikTok and earned 33.4 thousand likes.