RFP: Request for Proposal

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Don’t let the tattoos and hard exterior fool you. Colossal is a sucker for love.

Some of us are married, some of us are engaged, and some of us are dating our jobs and local dive bars. But every once in awhile, Colossal becomes an important character in our stories, lifting our love to new heights.

When Isaac asked us to paint a proposal mural for Victoria, our Manager of New Business & Strategic Partnerships, our answer was yes (spoiler alert: Victoria’s was, too). We designed the artwork and painted it on one of our walls in Williamsburg. In order to keep the mission under wraps, we re-named it “Mary’s Project”, only speaking of it in secret Slack channels and murmured whispers until the special day rolled around.


Proposal Day

The nerves were real for everyone but V, who thought she was on her way to a casual dinner party. Amidst the chaos of an office baby shower and canceled meetings, a few of us snuck out and hid near the mural, staking out behind cargo vans and in bushes to watch the plan unfold. The rest of us stayed in the office and schemed up ways to get V to the wall. In the end she found her way, and Isaac’s request for proposal was sealed with a yes and a little Colossal l-o-v-e.

“The first thing I said was yes. The second was, but what about the production capacity?!”– Victoria

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