Drink & Draw, Colossal Style

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This Colossal crazy train has been rolling full steam ahead for the past 15 years.

Looking around at what we’ve done, we now want to take some time out to create deeper connections with the community around us — the community that helped us get to where we are today. We’re stoked to be able to open our shop doors and invite in more of our fellow artists, peers, and neighbors so we can gather and collaborate together.

But how does one gather some of the most creative minds in one room on a Wednesday evening? Simple: you host a drink and draw. We invited artists that we have previously worked with, as well as those we want to learn more about, to a night of figure drawing in our paint shop.

Other than a slight interruption from our shop cat, Max, who held his best 20-minute pose alongside our model for the evening, the night was a huge success. Colossal employees got to flex their figure drawing skills, we were able to open our shop doors to the community, we met some rad people who showed interest in our Apprenticeship program, and we swapped a few masterpieces along the way.

There’s something pretty damn special about relaxing for two hours with a pencil in your hand and getting to chat up your neighbor about their preferred drawing implement. Thanks to everyone who came by and shared your skills with us! We’re looking forward to hosting more events like this which will help to build up the community and re-light our artistic flames.

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