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On January 16, we hosted our second-ever employee art show at the Swiss Institute in New York’s East Village. The prestige of the space played in conversation with the quality of the artwork, celebrating the talents of our team.


We invited the participating artists and attendees to engage with unique interpretations of our theme, Fresh Air. Our business is founded on life outdoors – the media we sell and walls we paint are out in the elemental open amongst passersby moving to-and-from on city streets. The subject Fresh Air felt more than fitting.

The topic is as broad as the sky itself, important as the air we breathe, and evocative of nature, conservation, regeneration, rejuvenation, growth, and change. The prompt posed a question that our colleagues answered in an abundance of artwork. And for one night only, the answer was a party.

The flurries of the city’s first measurable snowfall felt appropriate for the opening of Fresh Air. Clients and colleagues, friends and family braved the cold to celebrate a triumphant show. 

Fresh Air is available to view online through March 1, 2024.

Thank you to our Fresh Air participating artists: Alexander G. Seyum, Amissa Epperson, André Villa, Armando Hernandez, Chris Moran, Christophe Michel, Demetrius Felder, Eduardo Angel, Edward Kim, Emma Tarza Rebaza, Frey Isaksson-Stahler, Gabriel Nieto, Giles Kelsch, Hartwick Hanson, Janine Taylor, Jason Juarbe, Jessica Jones, Josiah McCloud, Juliana Ortegon, Kate Sherman, Keren Hasson, Khalil Touré, Kieran McManus, Luke Singleton, Lumi Jewell, Mallory Smith, Michael Garcia, Nick Birnie, Paul Cvikevich, Samara Nelson, Sara Caruso, Thomas Hemmerick, Tim Hoyt, and Vanessa Kreytak.

A special thank you to our local food and beverage partners who made this event possible: Bondi Sushi, Brooklyn Winery, and Liquid Death.

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