For Brooklyn, the world, tomorrow, and you

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Since the dawn of this disaster, we’ve wanted to make a statement.

And we’ve wanted to do it the only way we know how: inspired by our ‘hood, with the help of our friends, on a big-ass wall smothered in paint. 

So, with creative support from Morning Breath and Mike Lee, we made it happen.


This one goes out to:

Healthcare workers healing the world, delivery men and women fueling everyone at home, buskers keeping the beat alive, teachers molding minds online, parents wrangling work and maniac kids, mask makers, hand sanitizer brewers (shout-out to AMASS who used our LA shop to make magic!), high school seniors celebrating their big days in new ways, Mario Salerno and every other landlord forgiving rents, Wythe Hotel opening their doors to hospital workers, USPS making mail move no matter what, mutual aid orgs holdin’ down communities, farmers sowing, reaping, and repeating, warehouse staff packing and shipping (and packing and shipping and…), transit workers, rideshare drivers, childcare providers, Jimmy’s Diner feeding our souls, sanitation still scrubbin’ our streets, Ronan Paints and their bountiful cans of pigment, therapists virtually easing our minds, scientists stating the facts, Cuomo‘s daily briefings, walldogs going hard in the paint, 7pm appreciation, Brooklyn, the world, tomorrow, YOU.

See this spectacle of appreciation on the side of our office at N. 10th and Wythe in Williamsburg.

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