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Thomas’ Bread

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Portland is known for its wonderful and creative culture, so when Thomas’ Breads invited the city to “wake up to what’s possible” we saw an outpouring of imagination. Our friends in the bread business asked Colossal Studios to help them partner with the perfect Portland artists to dream up toppings for their iconic English muffins. 


As advocates for both bread breakfasts and Portland pride, artists Eric Nyffeler and Meg Hunt created whimsical worlds to celebrate the product. From butter waterfalls to runny yolks, these murals were windows into creative inspiration and possibility. Not only were the results a beautiful addition to the Portland landscape, the campaign was among Thomas’ highest ROI tactics of the year.


Eric Nyffeler


Meg Hunt


I love the details — some of the brushstrokes and marks that I may have drawn with my hand really small still have that energy when they’re blown up really large…. In a lot of ways this mural became a love letter to the Portland creative community and getting to show off just what I love about them.

Meg Hunt

Colossal Media hand-painted mural in Dumbo Brooklyn, NY, with art by Finley.