Client Moleskine


Walls 1

Agency partners Colossal Studios

When you’re an expert in a craft like hand paint, you understand the importance of patience. Moleskine gets it too — they waited for the right opportunity to engage their first major OOH campaign. And oh how their patience was rewarded. 


Excited by its proximity to Bushwick’s creative communities, we set to work bringing their artist-designed, special release notebook cover to this special wallscape. This campaign prioritized creativity and craft at every level, from the Sakura-inspired cover artwork from Yumi Himuro to the hand-painted advertisement courtesy of Colossal walldogs. Even the tactile quality of the textured notebook was carefully reproduced in the mural format.


Moleskine tapped into Colossal Studios to create video for cross-channel promotion, to wild success. This campaign is a beautiful testament to the power one creative, high-impact mural can have both onsite and online.