Visit Costa Rica

Visit Costa Rica


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Agency Partners MMGY
Colossal Studios

Visit Costa Rica’s creative was such an oasis, we’re calling each mural a Wonderwall. For their first Colossal campaign, Visit Costa Rica made a big splash with six transportive murals in Los Angeles, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. Against the late-winter backdrop, these windows into paradise gave  passersby the gift of a vacation mindset.


With Colossal Studios capturing premium video and photography content, the campaign earned global impressions on the Visit Costa Rica social media channels. Additionally Teletica, a Spanish-language web publication, covered the mural campaign for even greater impact.

They achieved maximum reach with a strategy of painting several long-term murals in key locations complemented by high-impact pop-up murals for added intrigue. Mobile geofencing allowed for an additional touchpoint, engaging target audiences digitally to impressive effect.

Weighing in from the creative team to just say thanks and how great these look. The level of detail you get is incredible — definitely hitting on the kind of impact we want to make with these.

Brent Anderson, Creative Director at MMGY