Daring Foods

Daring Foods

Client Daring Foods


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Agency partners Colossal Studios

We’re not ones to compromise on quality — that’s kind of our whole thing. It’s also kind of Daring Foods’ whole thing, so naturally we found this campaign to be a match made in heaven. Together we covered our office building in a mural that was tender, golden, and crispy. It’s not real chicken, but it was real love. They posted our video content to their Instagram to amplify the message and earn some likes.


Mobile geofencing further enhanced their campaign, delivering a second touchpoint to target consumers who passed near the wallscape. Online the campaign earned an additional 43,888 mobile impressions, with 284 direct clicks earning a whopping .65% click through rate. That’s +709% higher than the vertical average. Any way you slice it, that’s the real deal.

Colossal’s wall helped us dramatically spike awareness within one of our top DMAs. Not only was the creative beautiful, but our customers loved the execution. Across Instagram, our social posts that featured the hand painted wall received +30% increased engagement in comparison to other posts this year. Cannot wait to work with the Colossal team again!

Lorraine Schwartz, Director of Paid Media at Daring Foods