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George Dickel

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We’d like to raise a glass to our friends at George Dickel for joining us for this artist-sourced campaign. In a true celebration of craft, we recruited four local artists to create custom designs introducing George Dickel Bourbon, adapting the compositions to Colossal walls for massive impact. 


Across the different cities and experiences, each artist imagined their own interpretation of the George Dickel product in the place they call home. Their unique interpretations brought life and excitement to the highly anticipated launch of Dickel Bourbon.


We had the pleasure of working with Aldo Crusher in San Francisco, Lisa McCormick in Chicago, Greg Gunn in Los Angeles, and Jordan Wilson in Portland. Each artist was approached for their unique artistic style and bold sense of color.


Lisa McCormick (a.k.a. Lisa Marie) brought a tactile richness to the piece, saying, “My style is very hand drawn–everything from the illustrations to the lettering has a hands-on feel to it. I also typically like to communicate an uplifting message so my colors usually have a pop of saturation to them.”


Meanwhile Aldo Crusher introduced “clean lines, geometric and simple shapes, combined with subtle gradients to add depth and volume” to his San Francisco wall. 

Meet the artists

Aldo Crusher

San Francisco

Lisa Marie


Greg Gunn

Los Angeles

Jordan Wilson


Of his own style, Greg Gunn pushes boundaries in Los Angeles, saying, “Someone once told me that your style is what you can’t do. So I like to think of my style as the best of my limitations.”  


Jordan Wilson describes his process, starting with the product itself. He says, “George Dickel’s slogan “Perfectly Balanced” really centered the entire direction of the piece; not only conceptually, but compositionally. I opted to construct the pieces symmetrically – having the whiskey bottle centered in the canvas, flanked by the two faces of Portland; the city and the trees. Perfectly balanced.”

It was a great experience, I always wanted to do something on a big wall and this was the perfect opportunity. I had the freedom to create something that I’m very proud of and I want to thank the team at Colossal for trusting in me.

– Aldo Crusher

I grew up in Los Angeles, so this was kind of a dream project. The process started by making a big list of all my favorite places and landmarks in the city.

– Greg Gunn

My inspiration is over two decades of summers spent in Chicago. It’s one of my favorite places in the world to be during the summer so it was pretty easy coming up with the composition!

– Lisa Marie

This project holds a particularly meaningful experience for me. It was the first large-scale mural I have done and it was painted just down the road from my house, in the city I call home. I’ve been designing things for a long time, and the excitement of seeing your work manifest into a tangible thing never gets old.

– Jordan Wilson

Patagonia store mural hand-painted by Colossal Media.