Urban Decay, Tumblr, and Colossal Join Forces to Celebrate Badassery

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To celebrate International Women’s Day, we teamed up with Urban Decay and Tumblr’s Creatrs Network to celebrate the people who make everything possible.

Urban Decay commissioned a mural for the Ultraviolet Edge, the company’s non-profit initiative, which works to empower women all over the world. Colossal and Urban Decay then partnered with Tumblr, which turned to its network of artists with a call for artwork that was captivating and empowering, and which encouraged people to be a part of it. Stefania Tejada, a Bogotá based illustrator, rose to the challenge.

Woman Up

The mural inspired us to share a bit about the badass women at Colossal.

When you think of Colossal, you might picture something like this. You’re not wrong — the face of the company has windburn and a five o’clock shadow. But behind every great walldog is a great group of women. Walk into our headquarters on any given day and you’ll see a crew of women working together to keep the business running semi-smoothly.

Take a look behind the scenes:

Huge thanks to makeup artist Sarah Bolton for making us look presentable.

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