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Featured proudly against its Brooklyn backdrop sits our newest Start Today project and latest collaboration with Black Artists + Designers Guild: an unmissable mural titled “Futures Facing.”


The mural is the latest in Colossal’s ‘Represent’ series, which highlights original artwork and messaging from underrepresented communities. For our inaugural project with the Start Today program, we had the privilege of partnering with Black Artists + Designers Guild (BADG) and printmaker Karen J. Revis. The two murals in 2020, prominently placed in Manhattan and Los Angeles, made waves from coast to coast with their powerful message and striking composition. Now with the support of our parent company, Lamar Advertising, we chose to test the extent of our combined capabilities by taking the BADG creative across our shared digital and physical properties.

Designed by BADG makers, the original creative perfectly encapsulates the organization’s intent and ethos. BADG founding member Keita Turner explains, “The words of the BADG manifesto are visible on our mural. It uses the silhouettes of Black makers and figures that are facing towards the future, hence the name.”


Our Real Estate team sourced a 900 square foot canvas in our hometown of Williamsburg to maximize impact and engagement. Situated on the neighborhood’s prominent walking street among four luxury hotels at the entrance to local favorite McCarren Park, the twenty-foot-high masterpiece is a commanding presence on one of the most conspicuous corners of New York City. The mural will remain for three months, equipped with a hand-painted QR code directing passersby to the BADG website for further information.

Passersby and our online community are invited to support BADG in a number of ways. Leyden Lewis, BADG founding member, lists, “One, become a member, two donate, three partner with us so that we can help grow and disseminate the message of BADG’s amazing creatives.”


“And become an advocate and a champion,” adds Keita Turner.


The same “Futures Facing” composition was reflected across 383 digital billboards nationally for the month of February. Since Colossal’s acquisition by Lamar in early 2022, this is our first show of combined strength in a coordinated out of home and communications effort, and we can’t think of a better message to amplify. Across our shared suite of hand paint capabilities, billboard properties, social reach, and newsletter distribution, (not to mention The New York Times’ coverage) “Futures Facing” will have an international audience. 

1 mural

383 digital billboards

33,326,984 combined impressions

Unsurprisingly, we’re firm believers in the power of public art and creativity in general. We’re proud to align with BADG to create something beautiful with a shared goal, seen by over 33 million people across the country. Keita Turner elaborates, “Our mission is to support Black makers, build equitable and inclusive spaces, and invest in our ancestral futures.” One mural and 383 billboards stand in support.

See “Futures Facing” in person at the corner of North 12th and Berry Street in Williamsburg until April 30, 2023. To learn more about the project, see the Lamar press release. To get involved with Black Artists + Designers Guild or make a donation, visit their website.

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