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A hand-painted ad doesn’t just happen. We do more than show up with a bag of brushes and start crushin’. There’s an intricate network of people on the Colossal Media team—client services, real estate, creative, communications, pre-production—that dot a bunch of Is and cross a ton of Ts before our paint crew ever hits a wall.

The same can be said for our community partners. We are supported by a diverse group of local leaders who champion our work and help preserve our craft, like the North Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce. On a mission to unite and advocate for the varied businesses of Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Bushwick, The NBCC supports members like us with resources, guidance, and events.

Members of North Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce saddle up and learn the ins and outs of the industry.

In fact, we recently hosted an NBCC event, Brooklyn Revealed, at our Williamsburg shop to meet more of our neighbors. The night brought together 50+ business owners, landlords, and politicians to learn about what we do, how we do it, and why we’re so committed to our community.

The Colossal crew takes the members of NBCC through the steps of our process.

We wanted guests to walk away thinking, ‘Colossal is training and employing so many hard-working people, which is good for Brooklyn’s economy,’

Nicholas Cummins, VP, Acquisitions and the evening’s MC

Without support from organizations like North Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce—and our other local advocacy groups: Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Newtown Creek Alliance, Evergreen—we’d be lone wolves in this pixelated world. It’s because of our community’s behind-the-scenes local leaders that we’re able to brush and crush all days, always.

Advanced painter and rigging foreman, Chucky Ray, sings a ballad for the guests.

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