Best of 2022

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2022 brought incredible growth for our team, our inventory, and our paint capacity. As we move full steam ahead into the future, let’s take a look in the rear view mirror at some of last year’s greatest hits.


You know we can’t resist putting the spotlight on the buzziest celebs and posting glamour shots of iconic models. Photo-real portraits are kind of our thing, so here’s a few of our favorite faces from 2022.


Not all that glitters is gold — sometimes it’s just a really well done mural. From glossy pouts to metallic shine, these campaigns still sparkle in our memories.

Award Winners

They’re all winners in our eyes, but here are the five campaigns that brought home trophies in 2022. To learn more, check out the case studies for Oscar Mayer (Bronze OBIE, Gold OAAA Media Plan Award winner), Thinx (Gold OBIE winner), Aspiration (Local Case Study OBIE winner), and Costa Rica Tourism (Silver OAAA Media Plan Award Winner).

Tech Vertical

Websites and chat apps and search engines — oh my! Even the highest tech clients can’t resist the tradition of hand paint.

Fashion Vertical

Whether it’s the first Monday in May or the September Issue release, we served the looks all year round. Here’s a few of our favorite 2022 fashion moments.

Entertainment Vertical

In 2022, we painted for some of the biggest streaming shows, audiobooks, and video games around — are you not entertained?

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