The Art of Connection

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We paint walls because it’s our passion. Connecting people makes it all worth it.

“Currency” might be the word of 2022. We’ve seen cryptocurrencies and NFTs cycle through peaks and valleys, influencers dominate our social currency, and international currencies in constant flux. But we’re betting big on emotional currency. Always have.


On the brink of a lively summer, sharing a viewing experience with our friends and neighbors is especially energizing. One of the most powerful moments for us is walking down Wythe Ave, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and seeing people interact with our walls, taking selfies and pointing out clever copy to their friends. We aren’t the only ones thinking about the importance of emotional connection in advertising. One of the cornerstones of the OOH industry is the remarkable ability to turn an ad into a moment that will be remembered for weeks and months to come. Hand-painted murals take it even further and show the world a process that’s akin to a Richard Estes and Cirque du Soleil collaboration, a show that won’t soon be forgotten.

For the past 18 years, we’ve painted walls because it’s our passion but also out of a drive to connect people. We live for those moments when a passerby stops to notice a mural. There’s an alchemy in that moment. The link between painter, content, and viewer is magic.

Making art 30, 50, even 100 feet above the ground isn’t for the faint of heart. That’s why so many people stop to watch our process, you can see our team’s tenacity come through on our walls. Our painters pour their hard work and knowledge into every project, transforming each wall into a true work of art. As for behind the scenes, we’re just as eager to push the craft forward. We’re constantly working on supporting new artists, developing and expanding our creative capabilities, and finding new talent. The list could go on.

On the viewer’s side, experiencing art can be hard to explain (that’s why critics are a thing), but we can say this:  We hope our work provides a new point of view, making our cities a little richer. Luckily, painting outside lends itself to so many powerful, unexpected emotional experiences. Like walking by a wall painted with the lush scenery of Costa Rica and being reminded of a color you love or of a trip you want to take. Or like seeing an Oscar Mayer mural, which brings to mind the smells of summer, a pack of hot dogs on the grill and a freshly mowed lawn. Whether it’s the anticipation of waiting to see a wall completed, awe at the realer-than-real depictions of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Dr. Dre, or admiration for the mental health advocates celebrated in our collaboration with You Are Not Alone, we strive to make murals for everyone.  We turn your commute into a museum stroll and your Saturday bike ride into a gallery opening.

We paint campaigns that ignite viewers in a personal and authentic way. Join us in investing in emotional currency.

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