Client Westpost

Market Arlington

Walls 2

Federal Realty approached Colossal Studios asking if we could find them an exceptional artist to design two murals for their development in Arlington, VA — Westpost.


Some email drafts include: Can Mariah Carey hit a high note? Can Paul Hollywood bake a loaf of bread? Can Michael Jordan sink a layup? “Yes, we can find you an artist.” Send. 


Enter Laura Talaway, who we love for her playful illustrations and exciting use of color. The Westpost team loved her too, and we were off to the drawing boards. A month later, we had two masterpiece designs ready to become permanent murals.


Next, it was up to our marvelous painters to do the job justice. Can Meryl Streep give an Oscar-winning performance? Can SZA write a bop? Exactly; they nailed it.

In my series of murals, I invite viewers on a visual voyage where the vastness of the sky and the endless waterways of earth converge upon the urban canvas. As people encounter these artworks, I hope to evoke a sense of wonder, reminding them of the beautiful qualities of our natural world.

When starting this project, I knew I wanted to explore nature and its various organic forms, contrasted with the clean, modern architectural surroundings of Westpost. Ultimately, my goal is to transport viewers to a place of tranquility, offering a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Laura Talaway

Gucci mural in Detroit. Art by Onzie Deandre Norman for Gucci. Hand painted by Colossal Media.