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Tackling 23 monsters on a single mural could easily become a hairy situation, but the Colossal crew brought this Kevin Lyons’ artwork to life for Harry’s with smooth precision. 


We’ve had the opportunity to paint Kevin Lyons’ work in the past, but for Harry’s, we had the chance to spend some real quality time with the artist. Joining us for mixing and even a day at the wall, we were psyched to share in our love for creativity and craftsmanship with the legendary Lyons.

Harry’s punctuated the post date with a pop-up event, creating a Brooklyn destination with treats and products. Lyons was in attendance at the wall, promoting the collaboration alongside the official brand account and influencer ambassadors, and even giving away signed box sets. The explosion of digital content (produced by Colossal Studios) turned this one Bushwick mural into a global event. 

Colossal Instagram Performance

Kevin Lyons’ IG Performance

Harry’s IG Performance

Instagram Storytelling

Colossal Media hand-painted mural for Juice Generation in Manhattan.