Client AMC

Market New York

Media Agency Media Storm

Walls 1

To tease the season 4 premiere of Preacher, AMC wanted to create a mural just as outrageous and twisted as the television series itself. But how does one out-wild a TV show about a chain-smoking, vampire-bestfriend-having, preacher-in-training? Easy: hit up Colossal’s Mad Science department and get weird with it.


For our first live unveil of our fluorescent paint and black light capability, Colossal recreated AMC’s collage of menacing characters using almost 100% neon shades. Then, for the first few nights of the campaign, we swapped out our LED bulbs with UV lights to create an unmissable and blinding glow that snatched the attention of pedestrians like a kleptomaniac. See for yourself.

Painters finishing up a hand painted mural for AMC in Bushwick, Brooklyn.
Final fluorescent and black light hand painted mural for Preacher