Celebrate the Rainbow

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What does the rainbow mean to you?

It’s a symbol containing a spectrum, inherently diverse. It sparks imagination, celebration, creativity, solidarity, struggle, identity – all at once.

Design by ARRRTADDICT in Atlanta, GA

In honor of Pride month, SKITTLES commissioned four LGBTQ+ artists to answer the question: What does the rainbow mean to you?  Their work in response was bold, vibrant, and truly inspiring.

With incredible creative in the works, ICF Next contacted Colossal on behalf of SKITTLES seeking an authentic way to platform these artists in their local communities. We were thrilled to join this effort, and provided walls in areas with a major Mars Wrigley presence: Newark (home to their North America headquarters), Nashville, San Antonio, and Austin. 

Next up: the artwork. We adapted these four compositions to large scale format, each equipped with a “QueeR Code” to take the experience online. There, SKITTLES built a landing page complete with links to learn more about the artists and influencers involved. “SKITTLES is using its new QueeR Codes program to celebrate the work and voices of diverse LGBTQ+ talent, while drawing awareness to our community and the importance of Pride,” said GLAAD Senior Director John McCourt. “By partnering with LGBTQ+ artists to bring powerful murals to cities across America, SKITTLES is helping to amplify necessary messages of LGBTQ+ visibility and acceptance this June.”

The “QueeR Code” space is a perfect extension of the artwork itself, opening with an introduction to tell the story behind these murals. Scrolling down, users can discover the creators behind this campaign, find resources for LGBTQ+ support, learn more about useful allyship, follow GLAAD on social media, and donate to the organization.

These murals are a powerful opportunity to platform and promote the LGBTQ+ community during the month of June. The use of “QueeR Codes” inspires curiosity while de-centering the brand to honor Pride. Mars Wrigley Senior Brand Manager Fernando Rodrigues perfectly summarizes the goal of this campaign as, “celebrating and elevating LGBTQ+ voices and experiences, creating better moments and more smiles through the focus on visibility.” 

For more information, see the SKITTLES  press release

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Jersey City Mural Festival "Stand With Us" mural hand painted by Colossal Media. Art by Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya.