Our Chief Strategy Officer
Went To Burning Man

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Virgin burner and former boy scout Jordan Garner, who daylights as Colossal’s Chief Strategy Officer, recently packed his bags and headed west to the Black Rock Desert.

“Nothing prepares you for the experience. You feel like you are living on another planet for a week. At its core, it’s a community”

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“Don’t go without pickles! They are packed with electrolytes and help combat the alkaline levels in the dust.”

Desert Digs

Jordan's nighttime outfit


Breathable harem pants, bandana, and a hat.

Jordan's daytime outfit


Cowboy boots, snakeskin tights, and a leather jacket… shirt optional.

Standout Memory

Experiencing my first night bike ride on the playa. Nighttime is an interactive psychedelic circus with the best soundtrack you’ve ever heard. I couldn’t stop laughing — and howling like a wolf.

Nugget of Wisdom

Burning Man renewed my faith in humanity. It showed me a sense of purpose, with humans getting back to our roots through rituals and the absence of technology. I learned that there doesn’t have to be a rhyme or reason for everything; it’s beautiful to see people just being creative for creativity’s sake.

How to Decompress post Burning Man: Start planning for next year! Host dinners for new friends met on the Playa and frequent trips to House of Yes.

Jordan Garner at Burning Man
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