What You Don’t See When You See Colossal’s Newest Mural

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Every Colossal mural is the product of a strict, specialized, fine-tuned regimen. After hours, though, all bets are off. And when we get to paint something for ourselves, like a ridiculously big, insanely detailed mural on the side of our new home in LA’s Arts District, the art you see is only half the story. The other half you might have missed cause your eyes were all googly, but we were maxing the 30th story penthouse suite sipping Four Loko like bosses till the break of day.

The Molino mural was a massive undertaking. Eleven guys rigged, coated, pounced, and painted those three walls. We worked thousands of hours and used up hundreds of gallons of paint. But in the month we were posted up in Los Angeles, we not only brushed and crushed the block Colossal style, we also came off with the best golden-brown beach tans and some of the finest commemorative hotel grade robe and slipper sets that money can’t buy.

Score one more for the home team and pass me my shades.

LA ninja
Big Brother is watching
Tongues out for Harambe
Sancho Panza
Yeah we work out
Selfies R Us
This Airbnb sucks
Downtown sleeps another one off
You snooze you lose, unless you're this guy.
Darin dreams of electric sheep
Downtown Dan takes a nap at the LA shop
Canine anatomy with Professor Downtown
Ladies, your dream guy is currently accepting applications.
Danny's first professional haircut in five years
Always Hand Paint
There's always money in the banana stand
The only guy ever to fall asleep at a Joe Rogan show
Horsing around
The best part of waking up is Four Loko in your cup
Needs more bloodshot
Edward Brushhands
Armando's truck makes frequent stops... at your mom's house.
Muscle Milk
You kiss your mother with that mouth?
It's always sunny in Los Angeles
In N Out ya mouth
Some people call me a space cowboy
OSHA is this okay?
Breakfast of champions
Talking shit and chewing spit
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