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We think of Colossal as a collective — a place where dreamers and do-ers, misfits and makers find good company to pursue creative expression. But within each of us is a spark of inspiration, individuality, and perhaps a touch of self-proclaimed insanity. Most arrived here via a winding path, and all provide a perspective uniquely their own. 


Never before have we celebrated those perspectives in a single space. That all changed on November 2 with the opening of our first-ever group art show, Employees Only

Curated by Tim Goossens, faculty member and academic director at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, Employees Only was a triumph of variety and camaraderie. The show included over 100 original artworks from 36 Colossal staff members, displayed in our reimagined white-box Brooklyn office. Organized and orchestrated almost entirely by our internal team, every aspect and detail of the show proved a labor of love. 

Curating Employees Only was a group endeavor from the very beginning! Not only did the artists get a platform to showcase their personal work, the staff of Colossal were key in making this exhibition happen. The enthusiasm shared by all and the atmosphere of collaboration allowed for the very diverse works of art from extremely talented artists to shine and demand our well-deserved attention.

– Tim Goossens, Independent Curator

Our efforts culminated in an opening night, where we were joined in the space by colleagues and clients, family and friends. An effervescent energy permeated the gallery leaving all guests feeling giddy. The excitement emanated from an earnest desire to acknowledge the talent of our colleagues, and to share personal work among esteemed peers.

Every wall was a kaleidoscope of diverse compositions arranged in harmony. From masterfully rendered portraits to interactive protest pieces and everything in between, windows into our interior worlds juxtaposed in brilliant form and color. Presented as a collection, it seems the most honest illustration of both who we are as individuals, and what we are capable of together.

Employees Only is available to view in our Brooklyn Office (95 N. 10th St.) by appointment until January 2023. Contact us at [email protected] to schedule your visit. 


Thank you to our Employees Only participating artists: Mallory, Eduardo Franco Angel, Nick Birnie, Sara Caruso, Jason Coatney, Peter Conte, Darius Dennis, Amissa Epperson, A. Demetrius Felder, Raymond “Chucky” Flores, Michael Garcia, River Garza, Emma Gilfix, Keren Hasson, Timothy Hoyt, Frey Isaksson-Stahler, Brandon Jenkins, Jessie Jones, Jason Juarbe, Vanessa Kreytak, Sean Lamble, Liam McWilliams, Chris Moran, Maverick Mudge, Samara Nelson, Gabriel Nieto, Charles Nunn, Julie Ortegon, David Shaughnessy, Kate Sherman, Regina Soza-Padilla, Janine Taylor, André Villa, Jack Walsh, Annagrace Walton, and Owen Wills.


A special thank you to our local food and beverage partners who made this event possible: Threes Brewing, Brooklyn Winery, and Pistachio Studio NY.

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