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Whitney Museum

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Famous for featuring up-and-coming artists, The Whitney Biennial sets big trends in the art world. And as patrons of the arts, their team knows the power of a hand-painted canvas. With this in mind, the Whitney Museum approached us for a simple, striking Biennial campaign in Williamsburg.


To capture Williamsburg’s attention, the Whitney team chose an eye-catching design composed of strong colors and bold text. The rich, minimalist mural turned just as many heads as a busy Willem de Kooning painting, proving the power of simplicity in spreading the word. 


Mobile geofencing added an extra extra layer of connectivity, digitally engaging the curated audiences to masterful effect.

Featuring the show title, “Quiet as It’s Kept”, the stylish work inspires curiosity – something we know our Williamsburg audience has in spades. 

Colossal Media hand-painted floral mural for the Woodlands in Texas with art by Alex Katz.