Gucci Art Wall

Gucci Art Wall

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The Gucci Art Wall, an iconic landmark in SoHo, reinforces the fashion house’s dominance at the forefront of creativity and artistry. It has become a signature brand statement sparking worldwide conversation.


Over an uninterrupted six years of murals, the Gucci Art Wall has attracted high-profile coverage in fashion, cultural, and architectural publications.


The magic happens at Prince & Lafayette, and it’s something you might have to see to believe. In less than a year, the Gucci Art Wall was recognized and tagged as a landmark in Google Maps. The Art Wall made such a mark geographically, socially, and globally, that Gucci introduced similar operations around the world, with canvases now in Milan, London, Hong Kong, Paris, and Shanghai.


The Gucci Art Wall attracts influencers, fashion fans, and art aficionados around the world. A pin on Instagram and a popular hashtag (#GucciArtWall) demonstrates how a single mural can quickly become a social sensation.


Gucci came to Colossal in 2016 looking for a show-stopping collaboration. What transpired changed the landscape of SoHo, Out-of-Home, and high fashion marketing forever — a revolutionary rotating outdoor gallery of creativity and style. The Art Wall is a permanent destination offering a window into the world of Gucci.


The February 2017 debut featured unique artwork from Jayde Fish, whose whimsical illustrations drawing from tarot’s major arcana inspired Gucci fashion collections. A custom branded Snapchat filter extended the experience and exaggerated the surreality of Fish’s mural. Global press outlets jumped on the story; the Gucci Art Wall was introduced to the world in publications ranging from WWD to Vogue Milan.


The permanent canvas continued on to feature a series of guest collaborators whose designs were featured in the fashion house’s seasonal ready to wear collections, including Angelica Hicks, Coco Capitán, and Ignasi Monreal. 

After rotating through artists for a year, the mural evolved to include a wide range of creative work. Compositions range from classic campaign photography to non-profit advocacy to salient cultural references. Part of what makes the Gucci Art Wall compelling: you never know what’s coming next.


In May 2018, we proved our portraiture skill with our first-ever full photoreal artwork, featuring 68 faces in one mural. From there we went on to paint many, many more famous faces, proving our unwavering, and consistent dedication to photoreal perfection.


We’re proud to say that through six years of partnership, Gucci continues to entrust Colossal with the ultimate in photorealistic replication. We can’t wait to see what’s next.