Snapchat mural in Bushwick by Colossal Media

Agency Mediavest

Market New York Boston

Duration 4 weeks

Walls 1

Colossal recreated Snapchat geofilters as colorful, larger-than-life murals in key spots throughout New York City and Boston. The hand painted, user generated filters brought a fun analog take to the digitally-centered platform. A Snapchat mural painted by Colossal in Brooklyn was featured on the platform’s popular New York Story, along with a note that “all ads in Bushwick and Williamsburg should be painted.” We agree!

Outdoor advertising at its brightest
Outdoor advertising in Bushwick - Snapchat geofilter
Hand painted geofilter in Bushwick
Williamsburg billboard for Snapchat
An analog twist on a digital product
Snapchat mural in progress in Williamsburg
Painting the Snapchat mural in Brooklyn
Painting the Snapchat mural in Brooklyn
Snapchat mural in Tribeca, NYC
Hand painted Snapchat mural in Manhattan
Coca-Cola Classic ad hand painted by Colossal Media