Shinola advertisement painted by Colossal Media

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Markets New York Los Angeles San Francisco Portland Chicago

In an ongoing partnership dating back to 2013, Colossal has helped bring Shinola’s message to life with wallscapes across the country. The parallels between our two brands combine to form the perfect synergy, with both companies fueled by the craftsmen who are dedicated to all things handmade. The hand painted medium is a reflection of Shinola’s values — requiring time, patience, and mastery to create a quality product — making it the ideal vehicle to spread their message.

Shinola advertisement in Los Angeles
Hand painted Shinola ad in New York City
Shinola - Made by hand, painted by hand
Detail of Shinola mural in Brooklyn
Painting a Shinola advertisement in Portland
Completed Shinola advertisement hand painted in Manhattan
Shinola mural advertisement in Los Angeles
Shinola mural ad in LA
Detail of hand painted Shinola billboard
Shinola advertisement in Portland
Painting a Shinola billboard in Manhattan
Outdoor advertising in Los Angeles - Shinola x Colossal Media
Made by hand in Detroit and NYC
Matching paint for the Kooples SoHo muralCoca-Cola Classic ad hand painted by Colossal Media