SoHo mural for the Kooples hand painted by Colossal Media

Agency Mediakeys

Market New York

Duration 3 Weeks

Walls 1

International media agency Mediakeys recruited Colossal to paint a towering wallscape as part of a larger branding campaign for The Kooples, a luxury fashion label based in France. The six-story SoHo mural featured portraits of real couples clad in the high-end clothing. Colossal delivered photos from the mural’s production, which were featured on The Kooples’ Instagram, extending the hand painted portion of the campaign into the digital space.

Mixing paint for the Kooples mural
Matching paint for the Kooples mural in SoHo
Mixing paint in the Colossal Shop
Painting the advertisement in Manhattan
Hand painted billboard in progress
Completed advertisement in SoHo, mural by Colossal Media
Tourists photographing our SoHo mural
Givenchy mural by Colossal MediaHandmade by Shinola and Colossal