Royal Caribbean

Hand painted mural with tromp l'oeil effect in Brooklyn

Creative Agency Mediahub Mullen Lowe

Media Agency Rapport

Market New York

Duration 10 WEEKS

Walls 2

Using a tromp l’oeil effect, Royal Caribbean’s “Come Seek” campaign literally breaks down the walls between viewers and vacations. To create the illusion, we matched our paint to Williamsburg walls then, brick by brick, turned wallscapes into tropical landscapes.

Painting the way to a Royal Caribbean vacation
Engagement with the Royal Caribbean billboard
OOH campaign for Royal Caribbean in Williamsburg
Passersby at the Royal Caribbean billboard near the William Vale Hotel
Turning a Brooklyn wallscape into a tropical landscape
The campaign reaches hordes of people along Kent Avenue in Brooklyn
The advertisement towers over the crowds at Smorgasburg on the Williamsburg waterfront
Mafia 3 mural by Colossal MediaPUMA Usain Bolt Mural, one of many hand painted by Colossal Media