Mafia III

Agency Ignition

Walls 7

Markets New York Los Angeles San Francisco

To promote 2K Games’ new video game, Mafia III, Ignition called on Colossal to bring characters and scenes to life. Video Director Mark Bracamonte documented the production process, capturing our painters in the shop and on the streets of Bushwick. Bracamonte paid special attention to sound design, building sounds from the shop to a climax of gunshots that blend with dialogue taken directly from the game.

Mafia III posting on House of Yes in Bushwick
Jason Coatney painting a mural for 2K Games in Brooklyn
Hand painted outdoor advertisement in progress in Bushwick
Mafia III mural hand painted in Bushwick by Colossal Media
Mafia III painting - Brooklyn billboard by Colossal Media
OOH engagement in Brooklyn - Colossal Media
SF018_Mafia111Complete-HR (3 of 7)_LR
Colossal Media mural with art by Nick Walker. This mural was featured in the TV show Mr.Robot.Royal Caribbean Come Seek hand painted by Colossal