New York Magazine: Fall Preview Cover

Client New York Magazine

Market New York

Walls 1

Duration 4 Weeks

Looking for a fresh take on their annual Fall Preview issue, New York Magazine tapped Colossal Media for an ambitious, hand painted cover spanning three pages and half a city block. Colossal recreated a photo collage by Gluekit, treating passersby to larger-than-life celebrity sightings. The wall was photographed in various stages throughout production, giving magazine subscribers a unique look at things to come in the world of pop culture.


“Boss wanted a big idea, we gave him a Colossal one,” Art Director Chris Cristiano said on Instagram. His post and others from the artists and actors in the mural earned it an additional 429,000 impressions on social media, and the New York Times spread the word about the “must-see street art” to its 78.5 million readers.

New York Magazine cover hand painted in Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Passersby engaging with a hand painted billboard in Brooklyn

New York Magazine covers by Colossal Media
PUMA Usain Bolt Mural, one of many hand painted by Colossal MediaCoca Cola That's Gold #StayGold Colossal Media