Nintendo Switch

Agency Zenith

Market New York

Duration 4 weeks

Walls 1

Nintendo and Colossal heralded the launch of Nintendo Switch with a first-to-market paint execution.


Colossal painted key art from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on a street-level wall in Williamsburg. Once the original mural was dry, Colossal used glow-in-the-dark paint to add dynamic, graphic patterns and recreate the game’s logo. Invisible during the day, the paint was activated at night for a dazzling visual effect.


A video of the production process melded sweeping brush strokes with gameplay footage. Videographers captured the mural’s visual transformation as day turned to night, recreating the effect of the glow paint for a digital audience.


A Zelda fan posted pictures of our Nintendo Switch mural on Reddit and the gaming community went wild, giving it 47,000 upvotes. Nintendo shared our video on the game’s official Facebook page, where it blew past 470,000 views. The content kicked up hundreds of active, organic conversations around the game, the new console, the glow-in-the-dark designs, and the unique, hand painted effect.

Nintendo match print
Zelda mural by day
Nintendo mural glows at night
Painting the Zelda mural in Brooklyn
Adidas x Colossal - Hit This Ground RunningGoogle Sheets hand painted mural by Colossal Media