Agency Zenith LA

Client FX

Market New York

Duration 4 Weeks

Walls 1

Colossal burst onto the Augmented Reality scene in this collaboration with FX and Blippar. David Flores, a long-time friend of Colossal, reimagined promotional images for Legion, the network’s Marvel show. Colossal brought Flores’ original artwork to life on a busy corner in Bushwick. Blippar then 3D-mapped the hand painted advertisement and built out an application that gave viewers an explosive view into the mind of the show’s main character. The mural was a hit with the app-free crowd, too; its bright colors and Flores’ distinct style earned it a special mention in Bushwick’s popular street art tours.


Legion trailer courtesy of FX. Song: Lo-Fi Scientists – Jazz Baby.

FX Legion mural with augmented reality component in Bushwick
FX Legion mural with artwork by David Flores
Bushwick street art tour stops to talk about Colossal's hand painted mural
Outdoor advertising mural engagement with AR app
Broad City mural in WilliamsburgRxArt installation at St. Mary's Hospital for Children