St. Mary’s Hospital for Children

Client RxArt

Market New York

Good art either comforts or challenges the viewer. In either case, it can help a patient think of something other than illness. Driven by this belief, RxArt commissions artists to bring a breath of fresh air (and inspiration) to healthcare facilities across the country.


St. Mary’s Hospital for Children, which serves kids and teens living with acute special needs, turned to RxArt for a revamp of its Activity Center. The organization brought on Dan Colen for a site-specific installation. He tossed handfuls of confetti in the air and photographed them, then called on Colossal to carry out his vision. Colossal painted Colen’s work onto every single surface in the Activity Center, transforming the dated space and preserving a moment of celebration for the patients.

Dan Colen's art under installation
Painting the ceiling of the Activity Center at St. Mary's Hospital for Children
Painting St. Mary's for RxArt
Hand painting an FX Legion billboard with Augmented Reality componentJames Hotel New York hand painted by Colossal Media