Dennis Hopper

Paul Lindahl and Dennis Hopper

Artist Dennis Hopper

Client Tony Shafrazi Gallery

A young Dennis Hopper, impressed with the precision of hand painted billboards, often commissioned sign painters to recreate his work on a large scale. For Signs of the Times, the artist’s retrospective, Hopper dreamed of bringing more of his photographs to life as billboard paintings. The Tony Shafrazi Gallery selected Colossal as its partner for the unique task. Our painters worked around the clock to perfectly replicate the photos, transforming images of iconic art, artist, places, and events into museum-quality oil paintings.


The exhibition was a huge success and a rich tribute to the artist’s life and legacy. Critics, visitors, and Hopper himself were all awed by the photorealism of the paintings, and Colossal was asked to paint additional images from Hopper’s archives for exhibitions in Abu Dhabi and Rome, as well as at Art Basel.

Creating billboard paintings for Dennis Hopper
Robert Rauschenberg by Dennis Hopper
Dennis Hopper reproduction by Colossal Media
Dennis Hopper photograph recreated by Colossal Media
Target Timothy Goodman