Chanel Rouge Coco mural hand painted by Colossal Media

Agency Kinetic

Client Chanel

Market New York

Duration 4 Weeks

Walls 2

Colossal’s first murals for Chanel brought the vibrant colors of Rouge Coco Gloss to walls in Manhattan and Brooklyn. We were thrilled to work with a luxury makeup brand for the first time and just as excited to paint the striking Lily-Rose Depp. The murals were completed with a lifelike photorealism that captivated everyone from tourists to wedding photographers.

Mixing paint Colossal Media for Chanel
Rouge Coco Chanel mural Manhattan Colossal Media
M019_ChanelComplete-HR (9 of 2)_web
Lily-Rose Depp Brooklyn Hand painted mural Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel hand painted mural of Lily-Rose Depp by Colossal Media
Chanel Rouge Coco Gloss hand painted mural in Brooklyn
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