and Ride

and Ride

Client Lyft

Credits Noma Bar


Walls 7

In a direct collaboration with Lyft, Colossal covered Brooklyn walls with localized messaging designed to get people into cars using the ride-sharing app.


Lyft’s objective was to paint the brand in a fun, bright, and creative light. The brand commissioned Noma Bar, an illustrator and graphic designer, to create the artwork for the campaign. The bold, simple treatments were a perfect match for Lyft’s look.

By selecting seven of our largest, most impactful locations in Williamsburg, Lyft dominated the vibrant neighborhood with their colorful creative.

Locals Only

With 12 years in Williamsburg under its belt, Colossal was invited to join a brainstorming session to come up with taglines that would speak to the locals. The final site-specific copy contained nods to hotspots surrounding each wall.

Bust a Commute.
Why walk when you can ride.
Do the Ride Thing.
When You Need to Go That Extra Mile.
Rides on Tap.
Shift from the Park to the Back Seat.
Happy Hours.
Go From Rooftop to Ride Home in Minutes.
Find Your Groove.
Make an Exit After Encore with Lyft.
Bowl then Roll.
Get Out of the Gutter and Into a Lyft.
Roll Out.
When you've had your fill, we've got your ride.
Music hall of Williamsburg
Live Music
Northern territory
Rooftop Bar
Hipster silk road
Bike Path
Grand ferry park
East River State Park
Hotel Delmano
Rough Trade NYC
Live Music
Wythe Hotel
Rooftop Bar
Mccarren Park
McCarren Hotel and Pool
Rooftop Bar & Pool
Brooklyn Bowl
Bowling, Parties & Live Music
The Gutter
Bowling Lanes
Berry Park
Rooftop Bar

The mural adjacent to the always-packed McCarren Park urged viewers to take a car home after a day in the sun. A mural along the Wythe Avenue corridor referenced the abundance of rooftop bars — Output, Berry Park, Northern Territory and The Wythe Hotel, to name a few. One unit made a pass at the dense smattering of music venues in the area, and another played off of its location steps away from both of the neighborhood’s bowling alleys, The Gutter and Brooklyn Bowl.


A campaign-specific promotional code was added to each of the murals to measure the results.

Lyfting Results

Lyft leveraged the content provided by the murals, extending campaign impressions by sharing behind-the-scenes photos with their 50,000 Instagram followers. The bright, graphic imagery acted as a magnet for smartphone photographers hunting for photo opps, and Pop Up City covered the campaign in an article hailing the advertisements as neighborhood-beautifying works of art.

Commuter engagement with OOH advertisement
Photo shoot pink wall New York
Desigual Herald Square - facade hand painted by ColossalBanksy mural installed by Colossal Media