Attack on Titan


Attack on Titan

Client Kodansha

Consulting Agency Anchorstar

Creative Agency Colossal Creative Studio

Employees of the Tokyo-based consulting agency Anchorstar discovered Colossal the old-fashioned way: by wandering the streets of Brooklyn and stumbling upon our walls. Shortly after, they hit us up with a question—how can we combine brains and create something big?


That’s where Kodansha came in. They’re Japan’s largest publishing company, the mother of manga, and a long-time client of Anchorstar. After a few 14-hour flights and countless long-distance calls, Anchorstar and Colossal found a way to join forces.



Our Creative Studio was tasked with conceptualizing and designing artwork for Kodansha’s fantasy manga series, Attack on Titan, and painting it in time for Anime NYC, the city’s largest anime convention. As the story goes, the giant man-eating humanoid smashes through a wall to get to his prey. So, in true Colossal fashion, we painted a 50-foot tall, 3D-looking Titan in a place where he could feast his eyes upon thousands of tourists and commuters every single day: facing Madison Square Garden.



The hype went beyond NYC when Kodansha introduced Colossal to Japan in their largest circulating newspapers: The Mainichi, The Yomiuri Shimbun, and The Asahi Shimbun. Titled “The Kodansha 2020 Encyclopedia,” the spread represented Kodansha’s vision for 2020, highlighting the Colossal x Kodansha mural and other future projects. 


The man-eating giant from Attack on Titan has a name – The Colossal Titan. Coincidence? We think not.


The massive monster man has a name – The Colossal Titan. Coincidence? We think not.

Over on social media, fans of the series began buzzing when a new video popped up for Attack on Titan. It revealed a project done by Colossal Media as the firm took over New York City to paint a giant mural starring the Colossal Titan. And if that isn’t enough to terrify a manga-savvy commuter on their way to work, what is?  Comicbook.com

Colossal Media hand painted a mural created by artist Matsu for the City of Beverly Hills.