Client Champion

Markets NEW YORK city

Agency Partners Colossal Studios
Kepler Group

As champions of craft and community, we understand the value of purpose-driven work. So when Champion came to us seeking to authentically address their audience through their hand painted murals, we were eager to help. Colossal Studios sourced artists to apply their unique styles and perspectives to the campaign question: What Moves You?


New York creative duo Morning Breath, and Chicago-based artist Fantasía Ariel joined the project, selected for their expressive movement and bold compositions. The artists designed one-of-a-kind compositions celebrating the energy of their cities, then we did what we do best and made them into Colossal murals. This intentional fusion of original artwork and a community-centric approach – while maintaining a seamlessly threaded needle of Champion’s branding – truly sets this campaign apart for its outstanding impact and connection with local markets.


Fantasía Ariel

Fantasía Ariel is a Chicago native artist. She especially enjoys portraying women through her drawings and paintings. With a background in photography and creative writing, she’s currently exploring different ways to tell stories. She wants to showcase the delicate nature and importance of storytelling through imagery. Fantasía has recently been leaning back into her practice of photography to aid her paintings.


Morning Breath

Morning Breath is Doug Cunningham and Jason Noto. In 1996, the two worked together as the in-house design department at Think Skateboards in San Francisco. There, they began a style of collaborating that would take them into the next decade. Today, Doug and Jason split their creative energies and time between commercial and personal work. Over the last decade the two have been nominated for a grammy, showcased in numerous design books/publications, and have been invited to speak about, and show their work around the globe.

To expand the campaign’s storytelling to a digital audience, Colossal produced behind-the-scenes videos and artist interviews – preserving the full campaign narrative and creative collaboration.