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“Not all advertisements are created equal. Colossal Media is responsible for the hand painted, photo realistic murals that look more like art than ads. They are, in fact, as close to works of art as an advertisement can get.”

“In an era of 3d printers and all-digital everything, it’s remarkable that a company devoted to using 1920s methods for production has been so successful. But standing a block away from a 300 foot tall photorealistic mural with eye-popping colors reminds you that sometimes doing things the long way, with painstaking attention to detail and clarity, can yield breathtaking results.”

“Contrary to popular belief, New York's most spectacular art isn't hanging at the Museum of Modern Art or at the Met. It adorns the sides of buildings in some of the city's more interesting neighborhoods, much of it painted by one company; the aptly named Colossal Media.”

“Savvy clients who aim to win over hard-to-please, advertising-skeptical urbanites were quickly convinced.
Clients are attracted to that handmade quality of colossal’s pieces.”

“Colossal’s work is a Performance Art.”

“Today, Colossal is a $10 million company, with over 150 walls around the country and 30 wall dogs to fill them.”

“Has the elusive British graffiti artist Banksy struck New York again? ... That work was believed to be a collaboration between Banksy and the outdoor advertising company Colossal Media, which put up both murals and had no comment on Banksy's involvement.”

“Walldogs's Painted Ads Resurface In NYC As Urban 'Modern Art' -Huffington Post”

“The Jamaica Tourist Board has tapped hand paint advertisement experts, Colossal Media, to put up trompe l'oeil murals around New York City. The realistic paintings really do make passers-by want to jump into the wall and straight into the Caribbean island.”

“Artists to Transform the Bowery's Roll-Down Gates: ...The 17 artists - among them Rirkrit Tiravanija, Mary Heilmann, Glenn Ligon, Barry McGee and Ingrid Calame - have created the images but will hand off the actual painting chores to Colossal Media, a Brooklyn company that keeps alive the tradition of hand-painted urban signage.”

“Painting New York's Skyline: An interview & slideshow about Colossal Media on New York Public Radio.”

“"In the past two years, however, dozens of new hand-painted signs have begun appearing throughout the city.. Those ads, and others like them, are the handiwork of Colossal Media, a two-year-old Williamsburg company that is trying to revive the labor-intensive, near-obsolete craft of hand-painted signs."”



Painting our largest wall for G-Star on Lafayette & Prince

Target in Austin

We hit the road to Austin, TX to paint two murals for Target

Ballantine IPA

Back in the beer game

The Big Brush

Featuring Greg Lamarche

Metropolitan Museum of Art

One of two murals we painted on the Highline

Case Studies

Worlds Biggest Shave

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In partnership with BBDO and Mediavest, Colossal has created "The World's Biggest Shave" for Gillette. The process takes famed Yankees shortstop, Derek Jeter, through his ritualistic shaving cycle which he uses to maintain his consistently clean-shaven face. Over a three day cycle the public views the all-star ball player achieve what Gillette calls it’s “Everyday Masterpiece”.


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