Client SoulCycle

Market New York

Duration 4 Weeks

Walls 2

SoulCycle’s all about inclusivity. Colossal is, too, so we were stoked to bring the brand’s message of openness to life. The campaign, “All Souls Welcome”, highlighted six LGBTQ-identifying instructors. Their bright and hyperrealistic portraits hit the streets of Brooklyn just in time for Pride Month.


Instructors and riders used the campaign’s hashtag, #AllSoulsWelcome, on social media, and the press followed suit. In an article published by AdWeek, SoulCycle gave praise to the historic medium: “the hand-painted aspect of the billboards is meant to create an experience that feels more human, more tangible, and more real, but in a high-end way. There’s something very emotive about being able to touch and see a painting of something on your walk to work rather than an image on a screen.”

Colossal Media and SoulCycle's final mural in Brooklyn.
Mixing paints for SoulCycle on the streets of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
Colossal Media and SoulCycle's mural for their Pride campaign hits the streets in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.
A close-up of Baddie Winkle's mural in Williamsburg for Stash, by Colossal.Peapod hand painted mural in Brooklyn