Filson NYC ad in NoHo

Agency Rapport

Market New York Seattle

Duration 8 weeks

Walls 4

Filson enlisted our help to capture the attention of their growing urban demographic as the outdoor clothing industry’s look continues to cross over into mainstream style. The objective: create awareness and drive sales, specifically at the Filson NYC store in NoHo. The campaign launched in Winter 2015 to coincide with the brand’s peak sales season. Ads were strategically placed in Seattle — the brand’s home — and three New York locations with the consumer in mind: style conscious urbanites with a taste for top quality, heritage goods.

Preparation for hand painted advertisement in NYC
Matching colors for Filson ad
Out of home advertisement: Filson NYC
Filson Seattle - Hand Painted Outdoor Ad
Filson NYC ad by Colossal Media
Mural advertisement for Filson NYC
Photorealistic portrait of Cat Stark Lady StoneheartColossal Media for MillerCoors Hand Painted Advertising Campaign