Richardson Street Firehouse mural

Client FDNY

Market New York

Every year Colossal donates its services to a firehouse. With 255 FDNY stations around the city, our great-great-grandchildren will be the ones to finish this project… then their kids will have to start restoring them. They’ll start with these:



Engine Company 229 and Ladder Company 146 came together on Richardson Street in 1916 after the newly built Williamsburg Bridge caused a population boom in the area. The two companies now serve our still-booming neighborhood at the intersection of Williamsburg and Greenpoint. Colossal has painted two murals for their firehouse: one that memorializes the men and women who gave their lives in 9/11, as well as Daniel F. Pujdak, a member of L-146; and one that commemorates 100 years of service.

Ladder 146 in Williamsburg
Firefighters and Colossal painters at the Richardson Street Firehouse
Hand painted mural for the FDNY in progress
Colossal Media - painting apparatus doors

Staten Island

Jimmy Martinez retired in 2015 after dedicating 26 years of his life to the FDNY. As a retirement gift to his Staten Island firehouse, home to Engine Company 157 and Ladder Company 80, the 9/11 first responder wanted to paint his company patch on the apparatus doors. He reached out to Colossal and was amazed to see his design brought to life.

FDNY mural in progress
Jimmy Martinez and Colossal painters
Staten Island Firehouse mural
FDNY and Colossal Crew in Staten Island


Engine Company 238 and Ladder Company 106 wanted to paint a patriotic display on their doors to show Greenpoint that, no matter what happens in modern-day life, the firefighters will protect each and every citizen. They happened to be parked in front of Colossal’s HQ one day, so a member stopped in to talk about the project. “The rest, they say, is history,” the companies told us. “Now every time we return to quarters from a run, seeing that waving flag brings a smile to our face.”

Colossal Media painters working through a snowstorm
Greenpoint firefighters pose with Colossal Media's mural
Coca Cola That's Gold #StayGold Colossal MediaSyfy - The Magicians - Hand Painted by Colossal Media