Faile: The Plant

Faile: The Plant. Public art hand painted by Colossal Media

Client The Plant

Market New York

Walls 1

Bringing art to the public on a grand scale, Colossal skinned the entire facade of a Manhattan building with original artwork by the Brooklyn-based artist duo Faile. The Plant building was hand-selected to host the timeless mural for its rich creative history — John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen and Jimi Hendrix all recorded iconic albums at the West 44th Street studios. The collaboration was featured in several art-world publications including Animal, Artnet, Complex, and Wooster Collective.

Mixing paint for Colossal's collaboration with Faile
Public art in progress
Planning for the public installation of Faile at the Plant
Detail of Faile's mural at the Plant
Faile mural in New York City
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