Bacardi: We Are The Night


Creative Agency BBDO

Media Agency OMG OMD


Duration 10 WEEKS

Walls 1

For the 2016 “Become the Night” campaign, Bacardi and the brand’s agency teams wanted to do something new with their hand painted mural in the heart of Williamsburg nightlife. The creative minds at BBDO decided to leverage the interactive nature of a street-level spot with hidden creative that would come to life with flash photography.


Colossal tested different types of retroreflective paint technology in-house until finding a pigment that would only appear with a flash. The campaign kicked off right before Halloween, captivating revelers flitting between the hotels, bars, and nightclubs along the Wythe corridor. Each photo revealed the hidden artwork — giant bat wings — around those who posed, letting each person “become the night”.

Bacardi's retroreflective pigment is invisible during the day.
The messaging on the billboard stands on its own during the day.
But the advertisement really shines at night.
Retroreflective paint appears with flash photography
Colossal Media x KAWS x BAMColossal Media mural with art by Nick Walker. This mural was featured in the TV show Mr.Robot.