Hello My Name Is…

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We’re more than just a pretty facade. Behind every mural is the Colossal crew, busting their butts to keep hand paint alive.

In honor of the MVPs that turn RFPs into massive murals, we’re taking five to highlight the peeps that keep Colossal interesting.

Starting now.

For the past 365 days, Gabe has challenged himself to create an original piece of art every. single. day. The collection consists of 365 pieces that gives the viewer insight into Gabe’s personal journey from Puerto Rico to New York City. 

If you wanna hang with the crew and learn more about Gabe’s creative voyage, clear your calendar for September 27th.  From 7PM til 10PM, we’re opening our doors at 1109 Metropolitan Ave for an eve of art and dranks, where Gabe’s creations will be showcased and up for grab$. A percentage of the proceeds will go to those affected by Hurricane Maria. No need to RSVP. Be there, or be square.

“Good habits prepare you for success. When I finished the 365 challenge, I gained the knowledge to be a better painter and developed the creative muscles to maintain it.”

Get to know the rest of us through this series, Hello My Name Is. Stay tuned.

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